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All posts originally copyrighted and posted in "Type for Life" by the Center for the Applications of Psychological Type, Gainesville, FL. Used with permission.

  • Another interpretation of "gifts differing" — June 2011
    Read about an ESTJ Australian friend’s birthday party
  • Eulogies — August 2011
    Read about how this ESTJ writes eulogies
  • Experiencing art — September 2011
    Read about experiencing art from an ESTJ perspective
  • Getting to know you, getting to know someone like (or different from) you — October 2011
    Read about how different types date
  • Morning routines and rituals — February 2012
    Read about type differences, especially J-P differences in routines
  • Career Stereotyping — March 2012
    Read about the limitations of using type exclusively with career counseling
  • Synchronicity and Kemp’s Ridley turtles — April 2012
    Read about teaching about turtles and my INTP uncle
  • Perpetual issues — May 2012
    Read about type differences in couples
  • Revising the story — June 2012
    Read about using type to reconsider the meaning of events
  • What is a "risk?" — June 2012
    Read about type differences in taking risks
  • Being lost — July 2012
    Read about type differences in what is "being lost" and the type of directions desired
  • The best laid plans — September 2012
    Read about type differences in what is a "plan"
  • Creativity — October 2012
    Read about S-N differences in creativity
  • Time management for Perceiving types — October 2012
    Read about how perceiving types manage their time
  • Which type do you like best? — January 2013
    Read about recognizing the good side of every type
  • Theories - I don’t understand them — April 2013
    Read about forming patterns and theories
  • Movies, books and empathy — April 2013
    Read about using them to develop empathy
  • Lessons learned from my INTJ father — July 2013
    Read about an INTJ chemist’s vision and persistence
  • Hitting the nail on the head — August 2013
    Read about T-F differences in approaching a problem
  • Surprises (or not!!) — November 2013
    Read about type reactions to surprises
  • Experiencing another perspective — January 2014
    Read about how this ESTJ experiences her opposite preferences
  • The Olympics and Judging — February 2014
    Read about how one judges performance
  • Arugula and communication — March 2014
    Read about type differences in listening and action
  • Moving — July 2014
    Read about what helps different types in making a move
  • The anarchy zone — July 2014
    Read about differences in SJ and NP play
  • Alfred Adler and the Crucial Cs — November 2014
    Read about applying type to Adlerian principles
  • Watching feeling in action — February 2015
    Read about a nurse using Feeling (in both senses of the word) to help out
  • Different or difficult? — April 2015
    Read about cautions in using type
  • Caregiving — September 2015
    Read about an ESFJ's experiences
  • Reunions — October 2015
    Read about type reactions to reunions
  • The plight of the condiments — January 2016
    Read about what to do with too much
  • Writing my way — March 2016
    Read about how this ESTJ writes
  • Reading type into reading — June 2016
    Read about guessing the types of fictional characters
  • Preparing for the Rio Olympics — August 2016
    Read about how this ESTJ plans a trip
  • At the Olympics in Rio! — August 2016
    Read about my ESTJ perspective on Rio
  • Memorials/Denkmals that work — October 2016
    Read about type differences in viewing memorials
  • An accident and its aftermath — February 2017
    Read about an ENFJ's reaction to a serious accident
  • My TEDx talk — March 2017
    Read about how I gave a TEDx talk on type
  • Citizenship — August 2017
    Read about the typology of citizenship
  • Dealing with loss... with death — August 2017
    Read about a guide to the grieving process
  • Type in the Galapagos — February 2019
    Read about some sensing details and more
  • Five factors of effective training — April 2019
    Read about ways to include type differences in training
  • Covid 19 and us — April 2020
    Read about type reactions to covid sheltering
  • Wedding vows — June 2020
    Read about type differences in wedding vows
  • Minneapolis, George Floyd, and me — August 2020
    Read about an ESTJ's reaction
  • Jigsaw puzzles — November 2020
    Read about type differences in putting together jigsaw puzzles