Receive feedback on your current performance and the impact of your style on others so that you can make well-informed decisions about utilizing your strengths and developing required skills. Then develop your interpersonal, management and/or leadership skills through a coaching relationship that builds on your strengths and devises realistic plans to work on what might be holding you back from reaching your goals.

Managers and leaders may wonder about their performance beyond their accomplishments of defined business goals. Kummerow’s approach helps answer the question, “How am I really doing?” She provides:

  • an assessment based on psychological inventories
  • feedback-gathering interviews of the manager’s peers, managers, and subordinates, and
  • a written report outlining the manager’s strengths and developmental opportunities with a proposed plan of action in consultation with the manager.

This process often leads to a longer-term coaching relationship. This approach is based on Kummerow’s experiences and skills as a psychologist and a consultant. She:

  • identifies client’s strengths as well as developmental opportunities;
  • attempts to leverage those strengths to help the client fulfill his/her goals and develop skills needed to work effectively;
  • develops long-term relationships with clients to work with them on their needs, and
  • holds clients accountable for their progress while encouraging them to develop their skills and accomplish their goals.